Beneath the warm waters of Kuji Island lives a hidden community of friendly sea creatures called KUJIRANS.


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  • /img/nft/1-whales2.gif Whale
  • /img/nft/2-krakens.gif Kraken クラーケン
  • /img/nft/3-turtles.gif Turtle カメ
  • /img/nft/4-sharks.gif Shark

KUJIRANS are a collection of unique NFT's each with their own unique rarity attributes. It's high times on the DeFi Seas and the creatures of Kuji Island can often be spotted working together and living in perfect harmony. Whether you’re a Whale, Orca, Kraken or even the very smallest of decentralized autonomous organisms there is room for all in this vibrant ecosystem to thrive and flourish.

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KUJIRANS is a first of its kind community project.
Made by the community, for the community.

Royalties fee graphic. 100% of
Royalties to
KUJI stakers
Mint fee graphic. MINT
50% mint revenue
to KUJI stakers
50% to Project
Validator graphic. Project
revenue stays
in Kujira

KUJIRANS is a community driven IBC NFT Project that offers participants the ability to invest in the project simply by minting and holding NFTs. It rewards holders at every level while still gifting half of its initial mint revenue and 100% of all ongoing royalties to all KUJI stakers.

Through clever tokenomics & capital management the team is able to stake close to 100% of all subsequent mints allowing staking rewards from each mint to be split between project participants and the project itself. Project funds form a dynamic treasury that continues to fund the project & capture more value for the project participants and all KUJI stakers.

This is and always will be the Kujiran way.

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KUJIRANS thrive in a balanced ecosystem similar to chains in the Cosmos. As we strive to grow our own community we look to join forces with others around us such as Stargaze Zone who share in similar beliefs. Together we will show the world what IBC is truly capable of in the hands of unified co-operative communities.

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